• Daily shuttle ride from Levi center to Ice Karting Levi, free of charge.
  • Shuttle transfer is available again for the next winter season starting from 1.12.2024.
  • Before the shuttle continues, transfer is arranged from the same stop for all of our customers who have pre-booked their ice karting experience. 
  • The bus stop is located in front of Kotipizza Levi, address Hissitie 11.
  • With the shuttle bus you can return to the Levi center 2 times in every hour
  • The transportation is provided in cooperation with Polar Lights Tours.


Daily for winter season 24/25 starting from 1.12.2024.

TimeStartStop #1Stop #2
08:40LeviPolar Lights Tours
09:40LeviIce Karting LeviPolar Lights Tours
10:15LeviIce Karting Levi
10:40LeviIce Karting LeviPolar Lights Tours
11:15LeviIce Karting Levi
11:40LeviIce Karting LeviPolar Lights Tours
12:15LeviIce Karting Levi
12:40LeviIce Karting LeviPolar Lights Tours
13:15LeviIce Karting Levi
13:40LeviIce Karting LeviPolar Lights Tours
14:15LeviIce Karting Levi
14:40LeviIce Karting LeviPolar Lights Tours
15:15LeviIce Karting Levi
15:40LeviIce Karting LeviPolar Lights Tours
16:15LeviIce Karting Levi
16:40LeviIce Karting Levi
17:15LeviIce Karting Levi
17:40LeviIce Karting Levi


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    Where does the shuttle bus leave to Ice Karting Levi?

    The bus stop is located in front of Kotipizza Levi, address Hissitie 11 across the street from Zero point.

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    Can I come explore the area and is the shuttle transfer free for everybody without booking in advance?

    Yes, everybody can hop on the bus and is warmly welcome to come visit the Ice Karting Levi area. However, all activities are chargeable.

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    Can I also return to Levi center by shuttle bus?

    Yes, the shuttle bus runs twice an hour from the track back to the center.