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Eskimo Circuit – a full service for a complete ice karting experience

A winner of the highly-acclaimed Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence, our Eskimo Circuit track has been top rated amongst visitors from around the world – please read the testimonials and kindly remember to rate us after your drive!

Situated in the middle of the woods and this track provides an unforgettable arctic driving experience in the Lappish wilderness.

When you book your ice karting session, we will take care of the full service; we will pick you up from your accommodation, provide you a complete winter-racing gear, go through the safety rules and driving tips, offer you warm juice in between the driving sessions and at the end, take you back to your accommodation. The whole experience will take approx. 1 hour, including 2 x 15-minute driving sessions.

Please note that all bookings are needed in advance.


1. pick-up from your accommodation
2. equipment-change
3. driving-info
4. driving session -1!
5. break an hot juice
6. driving session -2
7. transport back to your accommodation
Duration of the program, including transportation is approximately 1hour.



(approx. 1 hour)

65 € per person

Minimum 2 persons per booking.


Private Race
(from 1,5 hour to 3 hours)

Group size 6-15 persons, 85 € per person

Group size 16-30 persons, 75 € per person.

Group size 30+, 65 € per person.


All rates include VAT.