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Eskimo Circuit – a full service for a complete Private Race experience 

Private Race - Track is occupied for your group only!

Icekarting is driven on an icetrack with go-karts equipped with studded tires and silent fourcycle 

engines. The quests are supplied with complete winter-racing gear, including helmets,
hoods, shoes, gloves and overalls. Hot juice is served throughout the event. We also
provide transportation from your accommodation to the track and back!


 PRIVATE RACE  Programme:

1. Pick-up from your accommodation
2. Equipment-change
3. Driving-info
4. Qualification race
5. Final Race
6. prize-ceremony
7. transport back to your


Private Race (from 1,5 hour to 3 hours)

Group size 6-15 persons, 85 € per person

Group size 16-30 persons, 75 € per person.

Group size 30+, 65 € per person.


All rates include VAT.


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